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Grass Raised Lamb Meat Price List For Individual Cuts
Rack of Lamb (8 ribs; approx. 2 - 3 lbs/package)$20 / lb

Rib Chops (package of 4 chops, approx 1 lb/package)$20 / lb

Loin Chops (package of 4 chops, approx 1 lb/package)$17 / lb

Lamb Kebobs (approx 1 lb/package)$14 / lb

Leg of Lamb 
(half leg – boneless, approx 1.5 - 3 lbs)$13 / lb 
(half leg – bone in, approx 2.5 – 4 lbs)$11 / lb

Shoulder Roast (boneless and trimmed, approx 3 lbs/package)$11 / lb

Sausage (hot or sweet, link or loose, approx 1 lb/package)$11 / lb

Lamb Stew (boneless - approx 1 lb/package)$11 / lb

Ground Lamb (approx 1 lb/package)$11 / lb

Shoulder Chops (3/4” thick, approx 1 – 2 lbs/package)$ 9 / lb

Shanks (approx 1 - 2 lbs/package)$ 8 / lb

Riblets $ 7 / lb

Liver, Heart and Kidneys (approx 1/2 lb/package)$ 4 / lb

Lamb Bones (for stock, approx 2 - 5 lb/package)$ 2 / lb

For Great Lamb Recipes See The Following Web Sites:


Signal Rock Farm sells individual cuts of lamb, all processed and packaged at a USDA facility where it is vacuum sealed and flash frozen.  We do not ship lamb meat.  However, we do deliver to certain locations for convenient pickup including: 240 Beaver Street, Waltham MA; Davis Square, Somerville MA; Lexington; South End Boston, Blackstone Park; and Hingham.  We also will deliver to a convenient location for you for orders of $100 or more.  To place an order just fill in the CONTACT US form below with the cuts and quantity you would like, what town(s) you can meet in and we will confirm with you prior to delivery. It's March 2018 - the sheep are enjoying their winter quarters - and we are preparing the barn for lambing on the here for our schedule of deliveries which begin in November of 2018.