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Signal Rock Farm has in stock Hay Huts for your convenient pick up.  We are the central Massachusetts dealer for Hay Huts which we use here on our farm to feed all of our horses during the colder months when we no longer have grazing in our paddocks behind our home.  We love the Hay Huts so much after getting them for just 2 paddocks that we now use them for all of our horses.  The Hay Huts keep out the rain and snow while preventing the wind from blowing the hay everywhere.  Hay Huts keep the hay clean and minimize waste by keeping the horses from pawing and laying on it while still allowing the horses to rummage through the hay satisfying their seeking needs.

For providing the horses with access to unlimited feed we place large round bales in the hut after removing the bale netting or we place several square bales in the hut. The hut works well for either type of hay.  We find that after the first few days of having unlimited feed all of our horses self regulate their intake and do not become overweight with this feeding method.  They are all very content, not anxiously waiting for their meals 2 or 3 times a day.  We also find that during colder snaps of winter weather they will eat more to keep warm and this eliminates the need for us to determine for them how much feed they need.  For those horses who are already too heavy we also use a slow feed netting over the round bales inside the hay huts.

For more information, please feel free to check out the Hay Hut website at - which has great video's showing the horses using the huts.  You can also visit us on at our farm and stables in Charlton, Massachusetts to see for yourself.  We are more than happy to give you a tour of our farm and stables.  

Price per Hay Hut : $875 with credit card
                               $26 discount if pay with cash
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